5.2: Better arrows/reply to messages/progress indicator/much more

ReddHub 5.2 is now in the Win8 Store and has many of the features users requested! Checkout /r/reddhub for more info!

 **Next up will most likely be V6, which will have a complete overhaul of the UI, big new features, and a potential slight increase – buy gold now while the price is low!**

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New Features since V5 (includes changes from 5.1 and 5.2):
1.  Added ‘subscribe’ option in more button when viewing a subreddit you are not subscribed to
2. Changed width of subreddits panel to be the same width as the linkspanel, for better performance
3. Made upvoting and downvoting comments easier by adding separate arrow buttons
4. Added setting to hide read links on refresh
5. Added ability to reply to inbox messages (rightclick –> messages)
6. Added support to allow sharing of text to ReddHub
7. Added setting to specify if videos autoplay or not
8. Added party font support for larger fonts (for tvs)
9. Added setting to change if clicking a link opens IE or unsnaps the app, when snapped
10. Added spell check for submissions to reddit
11. Added a progress bar while loading web pages
12. Changed subreddits panel to be cached, to optimize performance

**Bugs fixed**
1. Fixed bug with the background color of the header of the profile view in nightmode
2. Fixed bug where direct images sometimes didn’t load
3. Fixed bug where screen would turn off when playing videos
4. top level comments in the normal theme were not a darker color
5. upvote/downvote of a comment did not change the score
6. downvote of a link sometimes showed wrong new score
7. App would sometimes crash if there was no connection on load
8. Upvoting a link sometimes did not correctly change score color and value

Subscribe to subreddit button and new easy to use Upvote/Downvote arrows

Reply to messages in the messages area

Progress indicator when loading a page

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