Reddit ReddHub V2 Has Arrived!


ReddHubV2 for Windows 8.1 has been released! Click here to download it now!

The update has taken ~7 months and countless hours – we really encourage you all to download it and check it out. Definitely send us feedback and suggestions here or at /r/reddhub, twitter, or facebook.

Whats new?

  • Multi-user switching (login with all of your novelty accounts at once)
  • Inline viewing of all content types within comments (pictures, gifs, videos, and more)
  • Portrait mode support, and improved snap support!
  • Improved message control – WYSIWYG editor
  • Comments load FAST – they load in the background while viewing the original link
  • Full animate GIF support
  • Theme selection (will be added in first update)
  • UI tweaks across the board
  • And more!

Why is this is a brand new app versus a new version of the existing ReddHub?

This app was rewritten entirely from scratch. The goal was to make a more stable, more extensible app that we could add newer features to quickly. Given it was a complete re-write and the app’s experience is different in some ways, we wanted to leave the old version on the Store for those who prefer it.

What if I already purchased Silver/Gold in the older Reddhub?

Do not worry, we will not charge you twice. The old Reddhub has been updated to allow you to get a coupon code that you can put into the new ReddHub to re-unlock your Silver/Gold status. The Settings -> Upgrade menu has the simple step by step instructions to complete this. Thanks again for supporting us by upgrading to Silver/Gold!


Elegant UI

Multi user login so you can login with all your novelty accounts at once

Awesome snapped and portrait mode

Share to support

Optimal Image viewing experience

Subreddit auto complete

Inline viewing of all content types in comments

Easily browse comments and collapse as you wish

New gallery which supports animated GIFs

Simple clean comment UI with lots of embeddable content

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