v3 out now

ReddHub v3 is now live on the storeĀ 

New Features:

  • Integrated YouTube Player to make video playing more seamless
  • Added live tile support to cycle through headlines
  • Added support for Flair from subreddits into comments
  • Added easily accessible up/down vote buttons
  • Added new messages notification
  • Added integrated support for quickmeme images
  • Added ability to share a link to comments
  • Made it easier to submit to the subreddit being viewed
  • Performance increases across the board
  • Made top level comments a darker shade of gray, to make them easier to identify
  • Improved portrait mode support

Also fixed the following bugs submitted by our users:

  • Subreddits list was not easily scrollable with Mouse
  • Adding and removing subreddits now works correctly
  • All subreddits were not being listed
  • Hitting enter did not submit some fields – now enter = submit
  • Some images did not scale in the image viewer
  • Some links were not being shared correctly to some apps
  • Enter key did not automatically submit for some screens
  • Improved comment support
  • Issue where search would not be remembered correctly
  • Title of subreddits would get cut off and not scale appropriately
  • Increased font size for easier reading
  • Removed need to add /r/ in quick launch
  • Removed the progress bar that would not disappear after ‘reddit is down’ error

Few of the new features:

Easy access upvote/downvote arrows

Integrated youtube player

Live tiles (note that your computer must be plugged in)

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