V5.3 : few new features such as ctrl+f and ability to copy permalink

  • New search / ctrl+f ability to search through comments
  • ‘copy permalink button’ added for each comment (in more)
  • ‘view in browser’ button added for viewing URLs
  • ‘launch comments in browser’ button added for links (in more)
  • Tapping the comments bubble when snapped now launches comments in browser

Bugs fixed

  • Fixed broken issue where youtube broke playing in the integrated player
  • fixed issue where top level more comments button did not properly show the new ‘more comments’ that were downloaded
  • fixed bug where some livememe URLs did not load in the integrated image viewer
  • Added scrollwheel support to messages panel
  • fixed bug where color of submitted items in a users profile were not correct in night mode
  • fixed problem where a selected subreddit would not unselect after the subreddit pane went away



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