• added caching for submit panel, so you can switch away from it, look up something, and comeback to it
  • added ability to sort comments by different options
  • added ability to search specific subreddit – default changed to be last viewed sub
  • added a ‘hide’ button to hide embedded images once expanded
  • Increased amount of integrated links that work. More standard reddit links load a ‘rich app experience’
  • Added link title to be the default suggested name when saving an image
  • Improved link color contrast in night mode
  • Added setting to be able to specify which side the links panel is on (left or right)
  • Added setting to change the default video quality for youtube videos
  • Made it easier to go full screen for videos by double tapping/clicking the video
  • Changed many panels to come from the same side as the subreddits list
  • Added ability to unsave links
  • App now autoscrolls next item into view, to make it easier to know what’s next

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where sometimes viewing saved links or a users submission history would disappear/not load
  • Fixed bug where a user couldnt resubmit if posting comment failed
  • Fixed bug where ‘try again’ button was not hiding after links showed up
  • Fixed case where some subreddits would crash the app on launch, such as a banned one.
  • Changed ‘add comment’ button to alternate between showing/hiding the reply panel
  • Fixed issue where some links that pointed to reddit comments would not load the correct comments (such as links in /r/hailcorporate[3] )
  • Fixed issue where some self-links were not loading the content when clicking on the link item instead of the comment bubble
  • Fixed bug where some URLs would hang the app
  • Fixed bug where appbar is cut off in snap – app bar no longer shows when snapped
  • Fixed bug where app activation from search would not load correctly
  • Fixed bug where some imgur links loaded a random cat image instead of the correct one
  • Fixed bug where some subreddit stlyes were being overriden and skewing the format of the comments page
  • Many crash fixes

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