v5.6 with lots of new features, out now!

Added ability to view the about page for a subreddit ( more -> about)
Added ability to hide and unhide links
Added a nightmode blue version
Added  history when navigating through subreddits, now you can go back to the previous subreddit you were viewing (more -> previous sub)
Added a feature to prompt you if you are navigating away when there is a pending comment being written.
Added ability to view a random subreddit to make it easy to find interesting subreddits!
Added ability to compose a message to a user
Added left and right arrow hotkeys to more easily upvote/downvote a link
Added a way to mark messages as read (When you have unread messages, a ‘mark as read’button appears in the messages panel
Added support for integrated /u/user links
Bug fixes
Fixed bug where /r/random would not work correctly
fixed background notifications to work better
UI Tweaks to improve consistency

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