v5.8 w/ Readability, Image Zooming, Live Tile Enhancements and more


  • Added support for an additional optimizer – Readability
  • Added thumbnail images to live tiles!
  • Added a star icon to show when a user received reddit gold for a post
  • Added support for displaying titles in imgur albums
  • Subreddit where message/replies came from is now displayed in the messages panel
  • Improved look and feel of the user profile pane, added reply/context buttons
  • UI tweaks across the board – increased padding, updated icons, etc
  • Added a functional zoom in/out button to images (Can also double tap)
  • Added support for additional languages/regions
  • Added an option to more easily access settings (many users didn’t realize nightmode was in the windows settings charm)
  • Removed old ads, and added new ones since Microsoft no longer supports the smaller ad unit
Bugs Fixed:
  • Fixed issue where clicking ‘launch browser’ would launch the optimized URL instead of the original
  • Fixed bug where sometimes content would ‘bleed through’ when a video was in full screen
  • Fixed bug where if you went to a link after downvoting it, the correct up/downvote errors were not shown
  • Fixed bug where sometimes when using search, it would not scroll to the beginning, and wouldn’t allow you to scroll
  • Fixed bug where some subreddit CSS would override the reddhub look/feel
  • Fixed bug where old ad would constantly refresh/twitch

Image zooming:

Image Zoom button