ReddHub Next Design Update – please send feedback!

Hey all, we wanted to give an update on the latest updates to the new ReddHub, as many have requested.


ReddHub has come a long way in the past year, and we thank everyone for the support and feedback on helping make it as great as it is! We’ve been busy collaborating with /u/Eltu on figuring out how the next  ReddHub should behave, and have also been busy re-coding ReddHub from scratch, to focus on a newer, lighter (and faster) version of ReddHub.


We’ve included some screenshots of the latest mock ups below, as well as some notes. We are still early in the design process, which means we can still easily make changes – so please send any feedback you may have!


 New, refined UI


1. Rich left hand navigation to easily switch to what you want
One of the first things you’ll notice is a refined UI, with a set of easy-access items in the left hand side. These allow for better experiences we can support in the future, such as support for multi-accounts with easy switching, easy access to panels, new messages indicator, and more!


2. Permanent app bar
Another thing you’ll notice is refinements when you have content selected. We plan to make it easy to view both comments and content at the same time, as well as interacting with the content – a new, permanent app bar will help with this. The goal is to get ReddHub out of the way as much as we can, so you can focus on your content.


3. Refined color scheme and UI
And most obvious is UI refinements across the board. Things are better schemed, better aligned, and much more. The images speak for themselves.


4. New messaging experience
One of the pain points of ReddHub is the lack of a rich messaging experience. It’s sub-par at best and we have heard the message loud and clear. In the next one, we’re looking into making it a rich, full screen experience instead, with an easier way of selecting the items (via the left hand pane)


5. A better portrait mode experience
Yes, we know, portrait mode really sucks currently. So don’t worry, as part of the new design and re-coding, we’re making portrait mode a unique experience that works well in portrait!


This design and new version is being worked on, and we don’t yet have a release date. So stay tuned!


Note: The above are all mock ups, so the ‘real’ implemented version may be a bit different. But stay tuned! If you have suggestions or feedback, please let us know at /r/reddhub!

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