ReddHubV2 1.1 Update – MultiReddits, Flair, Highres icons, new WYSIWYG, and more!

Download here Thanks for all of your support and feedback on ReddHubv2! This new update contains many great new features as well as fixes/performance improvements. In addition, the next update is already underway! Whats new? Added support for multireddits Added ability to edit a comment Added ability to unsave a link added improved wysiwyg editor … Read more

V5.10 Image embedding improvements + resizing, bug fixes, perf increases

1. Refined embedded comment images. Click/drag to resize, and new RES-like indicator if link is an image 2. Embedded images are pre-loaded for instant responsiveness, resulting in a smoother experience 3. Increased amount of images supported for embedding 4. Fixed occasional twitchiness in the app 5. Increased performance 6. Fixed bug where tapping the comment … Read more

V5.9 – lockscreen notifications, better live tiles, new comment options, many bug fixes

v5.9 Added an option to run ReddHub as a lockscreen app, – gives lockscreen icon, and lets ReddHub run in the background for notifications and live tiles without having to be plugged in! (Located in Settings) 2. Added a ‘Level 1 Comments Only’ button for comments 3. Removed ReddHub logo from pinned tiles 4. added … Read more

v5.7 out now!

Features added subreddit shortcuts! – You can now combine subreddits and add to your list without logging in or subscribing Reduced crashing – Added a ‘simplified’ option for loading webpages with instapaper for improved perf/readability Fixed context links to show where link came from, also added highlighting added caching to the comment panel incase you … Read more