V5.10 Image embedding improvements + resizing, bug fixes, perf increases

1. Refined embedded comment images. Click/drag to resize, and new RES-like indicator if link is an image 2. Embedded images are pre-loaded for instant responsiveness, resulting in a smoother experience 3. Increased amount of images supported for embedding 4. Fixed occasional twitchiness in the app 5. Increased performance 6. Fixed bug where tapping the comment … Read more

V5.9 – lockscreen notifications, better live tiles, new comment options, many bug fixes

v5.9 Added an option to run ReddHub as a lockscreen app, – gives lockscreen icon, and lets ReddHub run in the background for notifications and live tiles without having to be plugged in! (Located in Settings) 2. Added a ‘Level 1 Comments Only’ button for comments 3. Removed ReddHub logo from pinned tiles 4. added … Read more

v5.7 out now!

Features added subreddit shortcuts! – You can now combine subreddits and add to your list without logging in or subscribing Reduced crashing – Added a ‘simplified’ option for loading webpages with instapaper for improved perf/readability Fixed context links to show where link came from, also added highlighting added caching to the comment panel incase you … Read more


Features added caching for submit panel, so you can switch away from it, look up something, and comeback to it added ability to sort comments by different options added ability to search specific subreddit – default changed to be last viewed sub added a ‘hide’ button to hide embedded images once expanded Increased amount of … Read more

V5.3 : few new features such as ctrl+f and ability to copy permalink

New search / ctrl+f ability to search through comments ‘copy permalink button’ added for each comment (in more) ‘view in browser’ button added for viewing URLs ‘launch comments in browser’ button added for links (in more) Tapping the comments bubble when snapped now launches comments in browser Bugs fixed Fixed broken issue where youtube broke … Read more